Trusculpt iD Fat Reduction Treatment

Trusculpt iD – Fat Reduction Treatment in Sydney and Newcastle NSW

What Is Trusculpt iD?

A Non-Invasive Way To Achieve The Body You Have Always Dreamed Of!

Meet Trusculpt ID – the latest, clinically proven body sculpting treatment. This non-surgical fat reduction procedure and body sculpting treatment can help achieve your ideal body goals by eliminating fat deposits and tightening skin. It can help reduce stubborn fat areas around your abdomen and flanks as well as other problem areas. With Trusculpt ID, patients can get the body definition they want, even in areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise.

It’s a transformative system by Cutera, an industry leader in aesthetic lasers and energy-based devices for the face and body. Unlike other technologies designed to reduce fat, truSculpt iD provides a non-invasive, comfortable treatment that is uniquely customizable and highly effective and efficient in permanently removing fat. A welcome benefit is that it also has the potential to induce skin tightening simultaneously.

The truSculpt iD system is a great option for both men and women of any shape or body size.  The revolutionary technology allows efficient reduction of surface fat in targeted areas, such as the upper arms, back, flank, abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, calves, as well as under the chin.

Trusculpt iD - Fat Reduction Lipolysis Skin Atelier Sydney and Newcastle Cosmetic Clinic
truSculpt iD Device

truSculpt iD provides an innovative RF technology that delivers clinically proven results to expand your body sculpting business. The system versatility allows for customized treatments to multiple body areas simultaneously based on patients need in as little as one 15-minute treatment protocol.

How Does it Work?

The truSculpt iD system delivers monopolar radiofrequency (RF) energy non-invasively to specific areas, removing unwanted surface fat (located above the muscle).  There is no anesthesia needed and little to no “downtime.” The precise temperature delivery and monitoring allow it to target fat cells optimally while maintaining a cooler skin temperature.

As a result, treatments are both more comfortable and effective than other devices that use heat energy. In clinical studies, patients showed a higher level of fat reduction after a single truSculpt iD session compared to most other systems, which involve a series of treatments to achieve up to the same level of fat reduction. The fat cells removed by truSculpt iD are gone permanently (in a process called lipolysis).

Trusculpt Treatment

What happens during a Trusculpt Treatment?

A Trusculpt ID treatment session lasts for 15 minutes and many patients compare the experience to a hot stone massage. It’s quick, pain-free and relaxing. Most importantly, it’s a non-invasive treatment and there’s usually no need for downtime – you can resume your daily activities right away after the procedure!

During the treatment, your skin temperature will temporarily rise, but you will still feel comfortable. Trusculpt ID treatment involves the use of the innovative Monopolar RF technology that selectively targets fat cells applying therapeutic heating to eliminate them through your natural body processes.

Benefits Of Trusculpt Id

Here’s why our patients choose to undergo this procedure:

  • Having Trusculpt ID treatment will result in an average of 24% fat reduction after just one treatment
  • It’s a simple and fast way to tone your body, targeting the stubborn areas of fat, which can’t be achieved with diet and exercise alone
  • Trusculpt ID is a non-invasive procedure. It is not at all painful and requires no anesthetic.
  • In most cases, you will only need one treatment and you can see the results in 12 weeks’ time.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for truSculpt iD?

Providing one of the most versatile systems, truSculpt iD can help you improve your shape and remove unwanted surface fat deposits regardless of your fitness level. Whether your fat is loose (can be “pinched”) or is located more tightly onto underlying muscle, whether you have surface fat that is 1 cm or 3 cm or more in thickness, or whether or not you have an active or sedentary lifestyle, truSculpt iD may be a terrific option.

Depending on how close you are to your body goal will determine whether one session is sufficient or if 2 or more treatments are needed. truSculpt iD can be used on all skin types and over skin with tattoos.

Because it delivers radiofrequency energy, truSculpt iD cannot be used in patients who have devices like a pacemaker, or defibrillator (AICD), electronic implants (e.g. cochlear or retinal implants, electrical stimulation devices, insulin pumps, etc.), time-released medical implant devices. If you have metal in your body, its location will determine which areas can be treated. TruSculpt iD should not to be used if pregnant or lactating (breast-feeding).

truSculpt before and after abdomen

Build Your Dream Body With Trusculpt Treatment Series!

Sometimes, even with the right diet and proper exercise routine, it may be difficult to get rid of unwanted pockets of fat. Don’t worry – we have a solution! Our TruSculpt treatments series TruSculpt Flex, TruSculpt ID and TruSculpt Body can be combined to suitable for different body types and fitness goals.


Redefining Muscle Sculpting

If you’re all about that muscle gain, then TruSculpt Flex might be just right for you. This procedure can help you sculpt your body and build muscle tone. It’s been clinically proven that you will have an increase of up to 30% in your muscle mass after the treatment! Read more information here if you want to learn how you can sculpt your way to your perfect body with TruSculpt Flex.


Personalised Body Sculpting

If you’re looking to get rid of unwanted, stubborn fat, TruSculpt ID is the way to go. This non-invasive procedure is ideal for targeting problem areas that are resistant to diet and exercise, such as your abdomen and flanks. The length of the treatment is very short, and it is quite relaxing. Read more here on what TruSculpt ID is all about. If you’re wondering why TruSculpt ID should be your treatment of choice, read our blog to find out why the famous Australian fitness celebrity Elle Macpherson is in love with this treatment.


Perfect body sculpting solution

Finally, TruSculpt Body. The combination of TruSculpt ID & TruSculpt Flex is the body shaping procedure that pairs body sculpting and muscle sculpting to remove fat and rebuild muscle. TruBody is a personalised treatment experience that delivers superior, long-lasting results and helps you improve your appearance and confidence. TruSculpt body is a great choice if you want to decrease your waist and hip circumference and eliminate unwanted fat cells with a therapeutic and non-invasive treatment.

How is truSculpt iD Treatment Performed?

Before we recommend any treatment, we will schedule a consultation appointment to discuss your options. If truSculpt iD is the right solution for you, we’ll provide a plan tailored to your aesthetic goals. By combining knowledge of anatomy with aesthetics, our physicians can customize your treatment to “sculpt” your shape.

Depending on the location and amount of unwanted fat, your physician can choose from three different treatment approaches or can combine these in sequence at your appointment. The unique truSculpt iD system can treat up to six 40-cm2 areas in a single 15-minute session. In addition, the large hand-held device can shape challenging contours, and the smaller, focused hand piece can treat under the chin and other smaller pockets of unwanted fat.

During the treatment, one or two pads will be applied to the upper back. When multiple areas are treated simultaneously, pads that warm the body are applied to the skin surface and wrapped to keep them in place during treatment. Whether you undergo treatment with this latest method or with a hand-held device, the temperature can be adjusted to your comfort level. Most people liken it to a hot stone massage. The goal is to achieve targeted heating to reduce fat and potentially tighten the skin without pain.

Most patients achieve about 24% fat reduction within three months of their first session. After treatment, the body naturally processes the fat cells away over the course of 12 weeks, continuously and gradually improving the patient’s appearance. Treatments with the smaller hand piece (e.g. under the chin) typically need two to three sessions (rarely more, depending on patient goals).

Trusculpt Before and After Arm Results

Trusculpt iD FAQs – Common Questions about the Trusculpt Treatment

How Long Does truSculpt iD Treatment Take?

Depending on the location and number of treatment areas, your truSculpt iD session will take between 25 minutes to an hour or longer. Twelve or more areas could be treated in a single session.

Are There any Risks or Side Effects to truSculpt iD Treatment?

You can usually return to your regular daily activities immediately after treatment without any downtime. Often the treated areas are pink for an hour or so (may persist until the next day); for some patients, the skin may feel slightly swollen or tender like a sunburn. The skin sensitivity may last a few days before resolving. (Of note, some of this inflammation contributes to tissue tightening and fat reduction.) Occasionally, a tender nodule may develop in the area of treatment in 1 to 3 days; it resolves spontaneously over weeks, and gentle massage can speed this process.

How Soon Will I See Results?

Maximum results are usually visible after 8 to 12 weeks due to permanent removal of fat but you might start to see results as soon as one to two weeks after treatment

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

For the majority of treatment sites, patients will reduce their surface fat by around 24% after a single treatment. Depending on how close you are to your ideal body goal, 1 to 2 sessions 2 to 3 months apart may be optimal. Rarely, a third session is performed in the same treatment area. The small hand piece (e.g. for the area under the chin) requires 2 to 4 sessions, which can be spaced 6 weeks apart or longer.

How Long Will TruSculpt Results Last?

The fat cells removed by Cutera’s truSculpt iD treatment are eliminated permanently. As long as you avoid weight gain as fat, you should enjoy long-term benefits of the treatment.

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