FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Injectables and Treatments at Skin Atelier

How much is a Skin Consultation?

Skin Consultations are complimentary at Skin Atelier. Find out all about your skin type and which dermal treatments and skincare products would benefit your skin.

Injectables Consultations are $50 which is redeemable off the cost of an injectables treatment.

How do I make a booking?

Book an appointment online via Timely, Instagram, call 1300 641 199 or email the clinic team to make your booking.

What is the minimum age for injectables?

For most injectable treatments the minimum age is 18 years old. Unless for a medical reason with parents’ permission.

What are the side effects after dermal fillers?

The most likely side effects after fillers include some swelling, redness, lumps, tenderness and maybe bruising around the treatment area. These usually disappear within a day or so, however, some may last up to 1 week.

How long do injectables last?

Depending on the degree of movement in the area that is injected – Anti Wrinkle injectables can last 2 to 3 months and Dermal Filler injections can last 3 to 12-24 mths depending on the type of filler.

How do I prepare for injectables or fillers?

Best to avoid alcohol and supplements for a few days beforehand. Be careful of blood thinners if you want to avoid bruising. If possible, you can arrive without makeup

What skin care brands do you recommend?

We love and recommend Aspect Dr and Skin Better Science – premier skin cosmeceuticals available from medical professionals.

Meet our Skin Atelier Nurses & Injecting team

To arrange a confidential skin or injecting consultation with our highly experienced Injectors or Dermal Clinicians please send an Email or Phone 1300 641199 to arrange an appointment.

Nurse Emily – Injecting Nurse – Newcastle NSW

Nurse Emily is a registered nurse and skilled injector based at Skin Atelier Newcastle.

Nurse Janelle – Injecting Nurse – Dee Why – Sydney NSW

Nurse Janelle is a skilled injector based at Skin Atelier in Dee Why, Northern Beaches.

Nurse Stephanie – Injecting Nurse – Newcastle NSW

Nurse Stephanie is a highly experienced practice nurse and injector based at Skin Atelier Newcastle.

What Next?

Start with a skin or injectables facial consultation and start on your rejuvenation or anti-aging plan.Book today!

  • Email Skin Atelier or Phone 1300 641199 to arrange an appointment.
  • Book a consultation with Skin Atelier’s Nurse Injectors
  • Request more information about our facial rejuvenation procedures and download our guide.