Double Chin Injections

Injections for Double Chin & Neck Fat Reduction in Newcastle & Sydney NSW

  • Have excess neck fat?
  • Hate your Double Chin?
  • Want to lose your turkey neck?

Skin Atelier injectors offer double chin injections to improve your lower face contour and reducing chin & neck fat.

Have you ever felt insecure about the fullness under the chin, or as most people may call it, the double chin? Did you know that two-thirds of patients are concerned and bothered by their double chin? This is similar to the percentage of people who are bothered by lines and wrinkles on their face.

In the age of selfies, having a picture-perfect look is important. The good news is that you can create a sleeker-looking chin with a few simple injections.

Forget chin liposuction! There’s a quick and easy way to get the look you’ve always wanted. Double chin injections with Deoxycholic Acid is a non-surgical, permanent treatment that takes less than an hour.

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Benefits Of Double Chin Injections

The treatment can transform your looks and give you an incredible boost of confidence. Some of the other major benefits include:

•   Eliminating fat under the chin
•   Getting rid of your double chin with no incisions
•   No scars
•   Minimal downtime

What Is Deoxycholic Acid?

Belkyra or Kybella, as it’s known in some countries, is an injectable treatment that uses deoxycholic acid to eliminate fat cells in a completely natural and safe process.

Before deoxycholic acid treatments were available, liposuction and neck lifts were the only option for eliminating a double chin. While effective, both of these options are invasive and require a considerable amount of recovery time. This is the first injectable treatment that has ever received the government’s stamp of approval as an effective means to reduce the submental fat underneath the chin.

Clinical trials have proven that patients were found to have a significant improvement in the contour of their chin and to successfully target fat without damaging the surrounding tissue. After effectively destroying the targeted fat cells, this excess fat is naturally and safely eliminated from the body. For you, this means getting your dream results with no nasty side effects.

Am I Suitable for Belkyra?

If you are in your 20s, 30s, or 40s and good general health, a treatment can change the way that you see yourself. If you are in your late 40s or older, a neck lift may be a better option for you. It’s important to remember that while it is an effective treatment for excess fat, Belkyra can’t eliminate loose skin. Only a neck lift is able to remove excess or loose skin.

Double chin injections can target stubborn fat that won’t budge with traditional weight loss methods. In fact, a treatment can work with even moderate to severe submental fat (under the chin fat).

What To Expect From Double Chin Injections

During your visit, our Cosmetic Physician will give you a detailed assessment to create a customised treatment plan for you and your unique needs. They will determine how many treatments you will need to achieve your goals.

A treatment takes under an hour. During your treatment, several injections will be made in a targeted area underneath your chin. There is no incision with the treatments, which means no scarring or stitches. Before beginning your treatment, we numb the area with a local anaesthesia or alternatively we cool the skin with ice packs. Once the area is numbed, you will experience minimal pain during the injections.

Depending on the amount of fat you want to remove, you may be given around 20 small injections of over the course of 10 minutes. Each injection will contain 0.2 mL deoxycholic acid and will be spaced out over 1cm intervals across your skin. The treatment site is created with exact symmetry to ensure that an even amount of fat cells are targeted throughout the treatment area to create a smooth and uniform look.

The majority of people find that two to four treatments give them their ideal results. These treatments need to be scheduled at least two month apart to allow each treatment to become effective and for any swelling to go away. After each treatment, you will notice that your double chin gets smaller over time.

Following the treatment, it’s common to experience some level of swelling, redness, minor bruising, mild pain and numbness. These side effects will only last a few days. Simple treatments of ice packs and an over-the-counter pain relief medication will be enough to keep you feeling comfortable.

Say Goodbye to Your Under Chin Fat and Turkey Neck

The injections are individually-tailored, non-surgical treatments that destroys fat cells under the chin. This means that once you get rid of that double chin, it’s gone for good! This innovative product will certainly revolutionise the cosmetic industry and bring back confidence to clients.  Whether this has always been something you were self-conscious about, or there’s a big event coming up that you want to look good in, restore the confidence in YOU with deoxycholic acid injections at any of Dr Turner clinics.

What to Expect from Double Chin Injections

• You can usually see improvement after 2 treatments spaced at least 6 weeks apart (MAXIMUM 6 treatments)

• A Consultation includes a full facial assessment to determine the number of sessions: based on amount and distribution of fat, as well as personal treatment goals.

• Topical anaesthetic or ice is used to make the treatment more comfortable.

• Although a non-invasive procedure and you can return to your daily activities immediately afterward, you may experience some redness, bruising and swelling for a few days afterward (so schedule near the end of the week!)

• A transparent grid on your chin will act as a guide for your injector to follow to ensure accuracy, and increase the probability of smooth, balanced results.

• The treatment only takes a few minutes, and you can be on your way! If you experience any discomfort, you can apply an ice pack for 10 to 15 minutes afterward. This will also help reduce swelling.

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